Baby Massage

“Would really recommend Baby Massage to any Mum – enriches bond with baby & also taking time from busy schedule to really focus & connect with baby in a spiritual way. Loved it.”

“Good bonding time, relaxation techniques. Really helped with constipation. Helped with the bedtime routine and to make more regular.”

“A lovely routine incorporated daily at bedtime: nice relaxing time together, feel more confident giving Baby Massage and baby happier receiving it. Very enjoyable, thank you Katy.”

“My daughter is now quicker to bed in the evening and sleeping for longer.”

“Very useful skills that have definitely helped her sleep better and kept her amused and happy on her changing mat.”

Baby Yoga

“Lovely class to do as a small group. Katy is a calm, knowledgeable teacher who creates a lovely atmosphere.”

“A brilliant course with a brilliant therapist. Thank you Katy!”

“It has been very enjoyable and a lot of fun. My son was always very relaxed and happy after the classes! (And me too)”

“Katy is lovely, very peaceful, welcoming and calming.”

“Very good value for money.”

“Just enough new content each week and great to repeat everything every week.”

Toddler Yoga

“Katy is excellent, very calm, encouraging and listens to the children and remembers what they have told her so they feel comfortable with her.”

“They often do Yoga at home now and they play better together and seem calmer.”

Children’s Yoga

“Katy is extremely hard working with a wonderful attitude to life and a zest for teaching and looking after children, something she certainly excels in and I would thoroughly recommend her. I fully applaud the work she does for children especially the classes she runs which we have found very beneficial to our child’s and family’s health and well-being.”

“The benefits of Yoga are well documented and I personally have experienced some of those benefits myself. So I was delighted to find an after-school club that my daughter could join. Not only did I get good reports back from my daughter about how much fun she had but she seemed to float out of the class and retain a placid calm for hours. It is well known that Yoga helps to calm your energy, focus the mind as well as benefit the body in terms of strength and flexibility so what better way to prepare children for the day? I believe strongly that children across the country could benefit greatly by implementing Yoga techniques and that if it were part of the national curriculum we would see big changes in behaviour and achievement for the better. Yoga is not just exercise, it’s an attitude. I share Katy’s vision for children everywhere starting their day with Yoga each day and feel passionately that it is the way to give children the best start to the day and best start in life.”

Indian Head Massage

“I hadn’t had an Indian Head Massage before so when Katy offered this I jumped at the chance! It was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had! Indian Head Massage doesn’t really explain it well enough as Katy works her magic on your neck and the tops of your shoulders as well, she uses wonderful oils that compliment the massage. Katy has such a soft, kind nature and explained all that she was doing and all the benefits I would gain from the treatment. I was left feeling totally blissed out! Thank you Katy. I would recommend Katy to anyone!”

“I had my first ever Indian Head Massage. I’ve been having physio after a car accident which left me with bad damage to my neck, shoulder and pins and needles down my arms. After having my Massage with Katy, my physiotherapist was so happy with my movement, she is happy to discharge me. I would highly recommend Katy and can’t wait for my next treatment.”

Pregnancy Yoga

“I had my very first Pregnancy Yoga class with Katy Wise and oh my, did it soothe my soul. I have elt like I’ve been missing Yoga for a long while and I’m so soooo glad I’ve jumped back in properly during the pregnancy. And it’s so much more relaxing knowing everything can be adapted for your growing ‘weeble’ like state. I felt more connected to myself and to my pregnancy within one hour. And after a good chat and getting A LOT off my chest (sorry Katy), I was also able to achieve a much more effective meditation and felt so much more at peace with my external situation and in my mind, than I have in a long while.”

“The Yoga sessions allow me to stop for a moment and focus on my body, mind and baby. Very beneficial.”

“Really helpful with stress levels & giving me a way to make myself calm again & learn to relax.”

Post-Natal Yoga

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, moving with my baby and witnessing my baby mirror my movements. A shared experience. Precious. Thank you.”

“Helped me to get back to normal after having the baby. Also it was good to be able to bring the baby along with me as it’s difficult to find classes like this where babies are also welcome.”

“A number of good pelvic floor and abdominal exercises – plus general core strengthening exercises.”

“It helped with back pain & felt good to be able to do Yoga again after having the baby – relaxation was good & helped relieve stresses.”

Reiki Healing & Training

“Thanks Katy Wise it was an amazing experience for me something new I’ve never imagined to have it in my life, and absolutely I would recommend it to everyone who looks for a wonderful way to relax and listen to the whispering of his body.”

“Katy has a warm and welcoming manner and put me at ease with her calming but confident approach to teaching me Reiki I and II. Not only is Katy a gifted Reiki healer but she is also very generous in sharing her knowledge of theory and practice and I feel blessed to have chosen her to enlighten me and set me on my exciting pathway.”

“All in all an amazing experience that I will remember for ever. I can’t wait to do my Reiki level 2 with Katy! The venue was just perfect for the course and had a great vibe about it. I also liked the small group as it was a lot more personal and Katy could concentrate on the both of us.”


“As a mum you want the best for your children, you want them to be happy and you want them to be resilient so they have the skills to negotiate life. You want them to have fun, have experiences and to enjoy challenges. You want them to be able to cope when things are not quite right, to see past set backs and to be able to live in the moment. When you have a child who is anxious, as a mum you become anxious. That’s where you need a Katy! Katy has calmly, wisely and happily given both myself and my son the time and space to safely learn skills to primarily help him to deal with his anxious moments, but has also helped me to see different ways to work through these times with him. My son loves the sessions, he looks forward to each oneā€¦ he sleeps better, he deals with anxious times at school better and is eczema has cleared up almost completely. His creative, mischievous side is far more obvious and this is a direct result of the boost in confidence he has received from having the skills to deal with his worries and anxieties. He may always be one of life’s worriers, but he’s now far more in control of them than they are of him. Thank you Katy.”

“Amazing time at this morning’s workshop with the gorgeous and awesome Katy Wise! Talked about mindfulness in daily practice and the importance of forgiveness. So cathartic to be in the presence of people who understand the journey of life led gently by someone who really gets it.”

“As someone who has a billion thoughts and ideas constantly going on in my head I have the tendency, like the majority of us, to live life on auto pilot, never being present in the moment or paying attention to what is around us or what we are doing. Making ourselves aware of this and taking time out to bring our thoughts back to the present and our surroundings is so important whoever you are and what you do, which is why it is now being introduced in schools and businesses, etc.”